Amethyst BioMat

THE AMETHYST BIOMAT induces an unparalleled feeling of wellbeing and overall health. Utilizing NASA’s quantum energetic technology, the BioMat combines Negative Ion Therapy with the known healing properties of Far Infrared Rays to stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells.

The BioMat is unique because it contains healing Amethyst Crystals capable of generating heat that penetrates deeper into the body than any ceramic based competitors. The BioMat is a Class II Medical Device from the FDA.

The BioMat is a safe and natural way to induce a state of increased healing. Passionate users enjoy a healthier mind, body, and spirit.


Stimulates Circulatory System
Reduces Inflammation
Alleviates Joint Pain and Stiffness
Accelerates Healing Time
Stimulates Autonomic Nervous System
Stimulates Sweat
Reduces Anxiety
Reduces Stress
Relieves Stress
Detoxifies Blood and Tissues
Relieves Insomnia
Alleviates Symptoms of Depression